Frequently Asked Questions

What is PorchFest? 

PorchFest is a grassroots music and performance arts event in Edmonds, WA where artists perform on porches and front lawns throughout the community. PorchFest is a family-friendly event featuring musicians and artists from a wide variety of genres. PorchFest Edmonds is meant to be a low-key way to socialize and to get to know our neighbors within the community while enjoying various local music, dance, and performing arts together.  

How does it work?

PorchFest is more an afternoon of coordinated yard performances than it is a conventional festival. There’s no real boss, no specific enclosed or protected area, and everything you see and experience exists only because someone decided to step up and make it happen. The organizing committee exists only to manage basic front-end logistics, coordinate performances and other facilities, and promote the day.

For attendees, all normal rules of law and order apply and, just like any other day, everyone remains responsible for their own behavior and welfare when moving from yard to yard. Wander around, keep yourself safe, and watch out for others. Pretty simple.

What is the date for PorchFest Edmonds in 2023?

  • When: Saturday, September 9th from 2 – 6pm* (*event will be in the afternoon, exact times TBD) 
  • Where: Edmonds Bowl and surrounding areas (see map)
  • Types of performances: musicians, bands, choruses, spoken words artists, mini TED-style talks, dance, etc. 
  • Audience: there will be something for everyone – all-ages and generations welcome!

Will streets be closed for this event? 

Yes. There will be some street closures for PorchFest this year. Since PorchFest is being held the day prior to the Edmonds Car Show, the same streets that are being closed for the Car Show will also be closed during PorchFest. We will update the PorchFest map with information on specific street closures as they are confirmed.

What kind of music and performances will be playing?

There will be a wide variety of musical and artistic styles at PorchFest – everything from string quartets to solo singer-songwriters to acoustic folk groups, spoken word, folk dance, and maybe even a brass ensemble or two. 

What is the sound level for performances?

Out of courtesy to neighbors, PorchFest is strictly an acoustic event, however low amplification is okay for vocals and instruments that require it.

What is the attire for the event and what should I bring?

There is no specific dress code for the event, but we recommend dressing comfortably and appropriately for the weather. You can stroll through the neighborhood so wear comfortable shoes and bring a folding chair or blanket to sit down and enjoy your favorite bands. Feel free to bring food and beverage or enjoy the options from local restaurants and food trucks.

Will there be places to sit at each performance?

While some hosts may offer a seating area and / or chairs at their location, seating is not guaranteed at any of the host locations. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own chairs or blankets so they can comfortably sit and enjoy the performances.

Can I bring guests to the event?

Yes, please do! PorchFest is a free event and all are welcome.  Musicians, hosts, and attendees are encouraged to invite guests and friends to the event. 

Can I bring pets to the event?

Pets enjoy music too, right? Pets are welcome, but must be on a leash and owners are expected to pick up after their furry friends.

Do the artists / musicians get paid?

None of the PorchFest participants are paid. PorchFest is an experiment in radical generosity and goodwill – predicated solely on the act of giving – which applies equally to everyone involved. Organizers, performers, porch hosts, and others all participate as volunteers all give freely of their time, talents, resources, and hospitality as a gift to the neighborhood and to each other. 

Tipping is encouraged and musicians are free to put out a tip jar or sell their music and merchandise. The PorchFest committee is setting up an event-wide “virtual tip jar” where grateful attendees can contribute to a common fund that will be split among all registered performers.

What is the expected timeline for performances?

Musicians will perform for approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour, with a brief setup time beforehand – although performances could go longer at the discretion of artists and hosts. 

Is there a rain date in case of inclement weather?

Cancel because of rain, you say? We don’t need no stinking rain contingency here in the PNW. PorchFest will be a smashing success, rain or shine! 😁

Host FAQs

How do I participate as a homeowner or a local business?

Homeowners and local businesses can participate by hosting a performance on their porch, lawn, or storefront. If you’d like your host location featured on the official PorchFest Edmonds map, register here.

Do I need to find a performer for my location or can you help?

If you already have an artist in mind that you’d like to host, by all means, feel free to reach out to them and see if they are interested in performing at your location. Once you’ve confirmed a performance for your location, drop us a note at to let us know. We’ll update the website and the event program so attendees will know. 

If you don’t already have an artist confirmed, just indicate that on the registration form and we’ll be happy to help pair you with an artist. 

Where can I see a list of confirmed performers?

A list of confirmed performers will be published on the PorchFest Edmonds website soon. 

Will I be responsible for providing any equipment or instruments?

Homeowners are not responsible for providing any equipment or instruments for the performances. The performers will bring their own equipment and instruments.

Do I need to provide any amenities for the musician?

Homeowners are not required to provide any amenities for the musician, but it is appreciated if you can provide access to electricity and a restroom if possible.

How do I prepare my porch/lawn for the musician?

You should prepare your porch/lawn for the musician by clearing any clutter or obstacles and providing a standing or seating area for guests. If you have pets, remember to pick up after them. If your location is uncovered, consider having a tent available for the performer(s) in case of inclement weather. You may also want to decorate your porch/lawn with festive decor or signs to welcome guests.

Can I have guests over to watch the performance?

Yes, homeowners are encouraged to invite friends and family to watch the performance on their porch/lawn. Please be mindful of noise levels and ensure that guests are respectful of the musician and their performance.

Do I need to do anything as a host after the performance is over at my location?

Homeowners are not required to do anything after the performance is over. Hosts and performers are free to walk the neighborhood and enjoy the performances offered by fellow hosts and performers.

As a host or performer, what should I do if I have any issues or concerns during the performance?

We will have PorchFest volunteers available before, during, and after the event to assist hosts and performers with any issues that may arise.

Performer FAQs

What equipment do I need to bring?

Musicians will need to bring their own instruments, amplifiers, and any other equipment needed for their performance. Remember that all performances are low amplification so please be considerate of neighbors and nearby performers and keep amplification to a minium.

How long will my performance be?

Performances will be approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour in length, with a brief setup time beforehand. You are welcome to extend your performance as long as your host is okay with it and it doesn’t conflict with a neighboring performance scheduled nearby.

How many songs should I prepare?

We recommend preparing enough songs to fill your allotted time slot, typically 8-10 songs.

Can I sell merchandise during my performance?

Yes, musicians are allowed to sell merchandise during their performance.

Can I choose the location where I will perform?

If you already know a host or a location where you would like to like perform, feel free to reach out to the host directly to see if they would be interested in hosting. Once you have confirmed a location for your performance, drop us a note at to let us know. We’ll update the website and the event program so attendees will know. 

If you don’t already have a host location confirmed, indicate that on the registration form and we’ll be happy to help pair you with one of the registered hosts. We will do our best to accommodate requests for specific locations, but cannot guarantee a specific spot. Performances will be scheduled based on availability and logistics.

As a host or performer, what should I do if I have any issues or concerns during the performance?

We will have PorchFest volunteers available before, during, and after the event to assist hosts and performers with any issues that may arise.

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